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How to Follow Another Facebook Business Page

May 17, 2021

The details in this guide were created on May 17, 2021. Any platform updates after this date, may affect the details provided below. Please connect with Tamara if you have any questions.

Follow a Facebook Business Page

Recommend doing this on your computer.

1) Open Facebook

2) Search for Business Page

3) Select ellipse (...) next to Magnify Glass

4) Like As Your Page

5) Select Your Page's Profile Image from the Drop-Down Menu

6) Open Your Business News Feed

The Business Page you just followed will now be available on your business's news feed.

To View Your Business Page News Feed, open Facebook on your computer. Navigate to your Business Page. Enter “news_feed” after the forward slash (/) at end of your business page URL.

7) Engage As Your Brand

On your business page News Feed, you will interact as your business. This makes it simple to engage with the Business Pages your business follows. I would encourage you to engage with these business’s on a regular basis. This engagement will bring brand's name to the forefront of the business page you are interacting with, and their followers will have an opportunity to follow your brand back to your page.

Caution: While interacting as your business, make sure you are true to your brand's voice and do not push your products in these comments. You do not want to be banded by the business or flagged by Facebook.

When commenting on any Facebook post, make sure the right profile photo is displayed.

Enjoy engaging with Facebook users and growing your brand's online presence. Contact Imagine Business Solutions if you have any questions.


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