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About Imagine Business Solutions

Welcome to Imagine Business Solutions. Here is a short introductory video from Tamara.

Interested in partnering with Imagine, please complete our contact form now. A representative will be in touch with you soon. 


The Imagine team consists of Tamara, our leader, and a handful of highly skilled writers, social media marketers, talented artists, and more. We are ready to help you reach your business goals. 


Imagine offers project management, program management, and various content marketing services. Links to information are below. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Imagine Business Solutions Offering: 


"I worked with Tamara for roughly the past 10 years as the director of our marketing dept. Throughout this entire time she has been nothing, but helpful, innovative, cooperative & motivated to market HomeStar Insurance Services in the best way possible. I would give any prospective employers to Tamara my highest recommendation. It has been a pleasure working with her!"

Brian S., President



"As President and Owner of WhitComm Marketing, Inc., I have has the privilege of working with Tamara Gocken since 2014. Over the years, she has remained an integral part of the strategic direction and execution of the marketing programs we have developed together.

In her role as the Director of Marketing at HomeStar Bank & Financial Services, Tamara, while also managing others, led all marketing program development for the bank, as well as, for other organizations under the HomeStar umbrella. Her ability to see the big picture while also having the necessary attention to detail has made her a great mentor, client, and more importantly, a noticeably valuable employee and leader. It is evident that her positive disposition, creativity and dedication to getting the job done to exceptional standards has made her a favorite team member.

I highly recommend Tamara as she would make a truly valuable asset to any organization. In particular, Tamara's grace under pressure is admirable and her follow-through is exceptional. In our direct experience with Tamara, she has shown that she has the knowledge, organization, forethought and interpersonal skills that make a truly exceptional person, employee and leader."

Carol M., President


"I have worked with Tamara for 12 years now. Tamara has always been a consummate professional. She strives to get better with each project she takes on. From web and graphic design to billboards and radio spots. Her flair for advertising is matched only by her ambition to learn more ways to do it."

Ed H.,  Technology Officer


"I have worked with Tamara Gocken at HomeStar Bank & Financial Services for 12 years. She has a creative talent and gives 100% to every challenge that is presented to her. She is a detailed task manager.

Jackie B., Trust Officer


"I had the opportunity to work with Tamara this past summer when Midland States Bank acquired HomeStar Bank. Most people in Tamara's position would have checked-out immediately. Not Tamara. She was a joy to work with. From day one it was obvious that bank employees respected her and that she has excellent communication skills. What's more, Tamara has strong marketing decision making abilities. It was also obvious that she has strong organizational skills and can think creatively. I really enjoyed my time working with Tamara."

John D., Director of Marketing


"Tamara has provided marketing support for my division at HomeStar Bank & Financial Services for over ten years, and I have appreciated her creativity, professionalism, hard work, and positivity during our time as HomeStar associates. She will bring those same qualities to any organization she becomes affiliated with -- and I appreciate her dedication to providing the highest quality and level of marketing expertise to our organization over the years!"

Sue L., Sr. Financial Advisor


"It is my pleasure to recommend Tamara Gocken for a position with your company. Tamara and I have worked together at HomeStar Bank & Financial Services for the last 12 years.

I have really enjoyed my time working with Tamara and know her to be a valuable asset to our organization. She is an incredibly hard-working individual who was always available to assist with any project no matter how big or small.

In her role as the Marketing Director, Tamara and I worked very closely to ensure that any marketing material or advertising that represented the organization was compliant as well as a true representation of the organization. Tamara was responsible for all marketing and advertising for all departments of the organization. As a true team player, Tamara always fostered a positive discussion with the departments in order to present them with what their vision was for their marketing needs.

As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and just an all-around great person, I highly recommend Tamara for your organization, because I know she would be as great an asset as she was to HomeStar."

Vicki M., VP Compliance/BSA Officer

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