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Website Design & Management

Imagine’s Team creates and manages websites for a variety of industries. We work with clients to define strategy, write copy, design, and publish upon approval.

• Secure domain and hosting services

• Define site expectations: informational, eCommerce, other

• Obtain brand standards and assets: logos, color pallet, typeface, and other brand assets.

• Work with you on editing the copy for the site

• Optimize design elements for fast load times

Designing & Updating Sites

  • Build new site

  • Update existing site

  • Writing copy

  • Optimizing designs, images, and videos

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • and More

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The Building Process

A shared document, like Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, allows us to draft and fine-tune copy and design elements.


While sharing existing marketing materials will help us keep a consistent look unless you want something new and different. Let us know if there are any sites you have run across that you like in a whole or in parts. There are a million ways to go about construing a web design; narrowing the focus will help us deliver the project faster for you.


Framework or Layout

How much information do you have or want to share? Knowing the content volume determines the site's architecture: how many pages, the length of each page, the menu layout, etc.


Check out your top competitor's sites and industry leader’s sites. Make a note of written copy, site structure, external links, and what you like and dislike about each site. These observations will help you identify what you want on your website. 


Create an outline and start building your site. Click to access a Website Outline Template. ​​


Writing Copy

We encourage you to start with writing or the content before worrying about the design. Design ideas will come to mind during the writing process and naturally get flushed out.

Here’s a simple example of how to capture your thoughts.

  • Think of at least three different audiences to which you would pitch your product/company and write them down.

  • Gather your thoughts on what you would say to each of them.

  • Grab your phone and record yourself as you deliver your messages.

  • Email us the recordings, and we will transcribe them into written words.

  • Now, we have a starting point for your copy.

  • As we finalize the copy, we ensure the spelling is accurate, review it for grammar, and test the readability.

Design Elements

What ideas came to mind as you were writing your copy? Let’s list design elements that make sense for your copy. We will then work to secure these items and optimize them for your site.

Optimizing design elements is a critical step not to take lightly. Photos, videos, and other design elements are typically larger files and IMPACT the speed of your site, which impacts search rankings and upset your audience.

Have you ever left a site because it took too long to load? That’s what we hear. There are ways to optimize design elements to get the size down, and Imagine does this as part of the build process.

showing website elements and layout

Pull It Together

During this phase, we begin laying out the site. Pull in all the project elements and start testing the site. 

  • Add the copy

  • Add design elements

  • Complete the search engine optimization steps (SEO)

  • Confirm desktop and mobile device friendly

  • Check page speed

  • Test, tweak, test, and continue to repeat until satisfied 

We work with you until you are comfortable with the site, then publish it for the world to see.  

Contact Imagine Business Solutions today for the next steps. 

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