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How-To Set Up Facebook Business Suite

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

August 4, 2021

The details in this guide were created on August 4, 2021. Any platform updates after this date may affect the details provided below. Please connect with Tamara if you have any questions.

Facebook Business Suite is a great platform to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

1) Using your computer, log into Facebook. Go to your Facebook Business Page.

1a) Do you see the Business Suite under your page name? If so, click on Business Suite.

1b) If no, then open a new browser tab and go to Follow the prompts in setting up your account.

1c) Establish a Business Suite for each of your brands.

2) Once you set up Business Suite, you may add Imagine Business Solutions as a Partner to your account. In Business Suite, go to (2a) Settings > (2b) More Business Settings > (2c) Users > Partners.

3) Enter the name or ID inbox and select Add button > Give a partner access to your assets.


  • Bookmark this on your computer.

  • Download the app for your phone. With the app, you can view much of your Business Suite on your mobile devices, like Calendar, Ads, Insights, and more.

Enjoy using Facebook Business Suite! Contact Imagine Business Solutions if you have any questions.


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