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Working Remote: How Does It Work

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

January 12, 2022

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Working remote is genuinely not any different than working in an office. Imagine has been operating remotely since 2020 and looks forward to doing so long into the future.

  • First, Imagine will work with you to define a place to store files and other assets, so both parties have access.

  • Determine our communication method: Skype, email, Messenger, texting, etc.

  • Establish a process for collaborating to complete projects.

  • Set a routine so both parties are on the same page.

Here is how the magic happens.

File Storage System

Determine how you will share files with your team. There are many solutions available. Most platforms charge by volume and number of users. If your needs are mostly documentation, your volume will be less than if you need graphic files, like photographs, videos, and presentations. Here are a couple of the most popular servers and our experience with them.

Google Drive: Works excellent, mainly if your team uses Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides since your files are on your Google Drive, and there is no upload/download necessary to access the documents. With a Gmail account, you receive a 15GB drive space for free. If you splurge for the Google Workspace plan, your drive space capacity grows with your plan level.

Microsoft ShareFile: Microsoft products are very user-friendly. You can download/re-upload or access them using the web application to edit documents. Compatible with Microsoft products: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to name a few.

Dropbox: This is a great platform. You obtain up to 2 GB of storage space with a free account. We find value in their commenting tool – offering clients the opportunity to comment directly on a given page. We utilize this platform for editing proofs with our publishing client, which works splendidly.


Many have spoken about the improved efficiencies while working remotely. In my experience, I have found a great deal of truth to this. The biggest gain is there is no watercooler talk. If clients or customers connect, it is usually with a purpose. Yes, you cannot swing by my desk to chat about (whatever); however, we can meet on the phone, over Zoom (or another video conferencing system), or in person. We also connect with clients and staff via Skype, email, text, or Messenger.

Imagine Business Solutions is flexible to your communication style and messaging platform choice. Maintaining the same means of communication, or limiting it to a couple, helps with efficiencies and staying current for both parties.

Imagine's Toolbox

The Imagine team is fluent in many software applications. Working in applications that allow easy collaboration with the team and clients helps expedite requests and operate efficiently for all parties involved. Whatever approach you prefer to use, Imagine Business Solutions will adapt.

The Imagine team subscribes to the following products and utilizes them daily, and with many of them, we have thousands of hours of use. Why do we subscribe to so many? We do so to adapt to the client's needs. Whatever platform the client prefers is what system we use on our projects.

  • Adobe: Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro

  • Canva

  • Google: Docs, Sheets, Slides

  • Microsoft: Excel, PowerPoint, Word


Setting a routine will streamline communications and propel the completion of projects. Weekly meetings are helpful to keep the priorities in alignment and allow for brief updates on open items.

Imagine Business Solutions offers standard business hours, with some exceptions. We are south of Chicago, IL, in the Central Time Zone. We are available 8 am – 5 pm. Exceptions are client meetings or projects that require special arrangements. Enjoy working with clients and their staff that span the globe. Answering Skype messages and pitch hitting during non-standard hours is part of the game. We strive to be team players and respect others' needs to accomplish their tasks.

Get to Work

The Imagine team is available, versatile, and dedicated to helping you with your next project. People enjoy working remotely for many personal reasons: eat healthier, have less travel time, have no travel expenses, and have more freedom. Clients respect the value they receive when partnering with Imagine Business Solutions. The best compliment we receive is when our client's become too busy that they pause marketing for them to catch up. Or when they say, "Yeah, let's do that."

If you are looking for a marketing professional for your business, contact Imagine today! We can discuss your goals with a short consultation and determine if the partnership is a good fit.


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