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Planning Social Posts Improves Brand Integrity

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

January 27, 2022

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Planning your social posts is essential to ensure your brand has a quality online presence. Have you ever had to edit a post because of a spelling or grammar mistake? Use the wrong image or video? The likely answer is yes. We all make mistakes. When I reflect on why I made a mistake, most often, I can trace it to being in a rush or juggling too many items at once.

The problem with editing an existing post is the platform may not support editing a published post, which forces us to delete the initial post and lose the engagement we have received. If your post is getting attention, the last thing you want to do is pull it.

So, let's slow it down and get it right the first time.

Define Your Audience

Who purchases your products/services? Are there other decision-makers involved in purchasing? What are their professional titles? What keywords or phrases should your post entail?

Determine What Story You Want to Share

Write the caption that will accompany your graphic in the social post. The first couple of words will determine if your audience reads further into your post. Deliver your objective early, support it, then revisit it at the end leading your audience to contact you.

  • What messages does your audience want to hear?

  • What is your objective with this post?

  • How will you measure success?

  • Proof: Table your post for a later date and review it with a fresh set of eyes. Check spelling and grammar before drafting the post.

Select the Graphic or Video

What image or video best describes your caption? Is it formatted for the platform(s)? A well-designed graphic on the desired platform will increase your engagement. Viewers will only see a portion of poorly sized graphics. You want your viewers to see the entire image or video so they engage with your post.

When possible, use lifestyle photos or photos that involve people. Pictures from your company's photographer are great. Otherwise, make sure you are licensed to use the content you obtain online. The last thing you want is a lawsuit.

There are many online images and video resources available. Some images and videos are free, and for others, you need a subscription. An image that costs money may be a more cost-effective option, especially when hiring someone to start editing files. Do the math to determine if you are making the best budget decision for your brand.

Call to Action

What is the appropriate call to action for your post? Shop Now, Learn More, Call, Message, the list goes on and on. The critical factor here is making it easy for someone to contact you while viewing your post. Make sure to review your social profile, so the correct contact information is available. Add a button, if possible, to your post. A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is part of the ad setup when advertising the post on some platforms.

Hashtags & Tagging

Ah, the web! Hashtags and tagging will increase your post's audience. When people search for your products/services, what keywords or phrases are they using? Use these words and phrases to establish a library of hashtags for your brand's platforms, aiding your post in landing in your audience's newsfeeds.

Tagging people, companies, locations, and more will again help your post and brand be visible to your audience. These tags can add to your post's engagement. Those you tag may share your post or comment on your post, increasing your engagement stats.

Plan, Plan, and Plan

Quality first! Your brand's reputation is reliant on a quality impression. Sure, you can quickly toss up a post on the fly. But have you spell-checked it? Is the grammar correct? Is it a high-resolution graphic?

Preparing and planning your posts will yield quality content for your prospective clients to engage with your brand.

Learn more about what Imagine can do to help your brand establish quality social content. Contact us today!


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