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How to use the QR code in your business

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Customer scanning a QR code in the align of a pharamacy

QR (Quick Response) Codes make navigating easy for your audience. With our smartphones, we can quickly scan the code and take action. It’s easier to scan a code than to open the web browser app on our phone and type in the URL.

Some URLs are lengthy or hard to remember, making it easy to mistype the URL.

However, with a QR code, there are no mistakes. This EASYNESS is WHY the QR CODES are so POPULAR!

Pro Tip: Make sure the QR Code destination is mobile-friendly. If the site is not mobile friendly, make the site mobile compatible, or do not use the QR Code.

Customer scanning a QR code to make payment for their coffee

How to use the QR code

Businesses use the QR code to direct their customers to a specific online destination. Making it easier for people to visit your website, call you, email you, sign up for a promotion, etc.? Below are a handful of destinations for the QR code.

  • Website (URL)

  • App Store

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Wifi

  • Event

  • Text Messaging

  • and more

Customer is scanning the QR code to access the menu

QR code applications

The QR Code applications are endless. Will a QR Code work for your application? Here is a quick test. A QR Code is likely a solution if you fill in either blank below.

The goal is to drive traffic to ______.

How can you make it easier for your customer or prospect to _____?

  • Restaurant Menus

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Cashless Payments

  • Promotions

  • Websites

  • Business Cards

  • Webinars

  • Presentation Decks

  • Offer Coupon Downloads

  • Outdoor/Indoor Signs and Posters

  • Check-Ins

  • Product Packaging

  • Instructional Manuals

  • Clothing and Merchandise

  • Name Tags

  • Business Cards

  • Social Platforms

  • Reviews

  • Order Swag: clothing, coffee cups, etc.

Someone using their phone to test the QR code on the laptop screen

How to create a QR code

There are numerous online resources for creating a QR Code. Proceed with caution!

Did you know a QR Code can contain malicious code? It is essential to trust the source where you obtain your QR Code. Imagine Business Solutions uses Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign to generate QR Codes.

The process is simple.

  • Select the QR Code purpose, likely URL, Email, etc.

  • Enter your data

  • The application generates the QR Code

  • Export and use

Test your code before issuing it.

  • Our test practice is to view the Code on your monitor.

  • Then, we print it out and test it again.

  • Test it at the distance your user will scan the code; an example is a trade show booth. Print the code for the size you use for the booth, tape it up, stand back 10-20 feet, and test.

How to size your QR code

Experts recommend not using anything smaller than 0.8” square. The rule of thumb is the Code should be 10:1 (distance:size).

Let’s use an example - Say you want to put a QR Code on your store window to drive traffic to your online store.

  1. Think about how far away someone may be to scan the code. They could be on the sidewalk in front of your store or across the street.

  2. Let’s estimate the distance to be 15 feet away; your QR Code should be 15”. There’s likely a little wiggle room here, meaning you could scan it from 20’ away. But, the risk of not having a successful scan is not worth making the QR Code smaller.

  3. Test: Try printing the Code, tape it up in your window, and test.

Do you need a background for your QR code?

For the best experience, yes, we recommend having a background for your Code.

You can incorporate colors into your QR Code design; just make sure there is high contrast between the QR code and the background. Use your darkest color for the code and the lightest possible color for the background. Or, play it safe and stick with the traditional black code with a white background.

Let’s create

So you have your QR Code; let’s create the sign/flyer/business card that goes along with your Code. Imagine Business Solutions offers design services. If you need help designing your brochure/website/presentation, contact Imagine Business Solutions today.


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