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Make the customer journey a success

Updated: Jun 11

Before diving into the journey, let's assume your organization has defined the answers to these questions.

  • How do customers do business with your organization?

  • Where do they find you?

  • What benefit does the organization offer that customers cannot live without?

  • How does your brand fit your customer's needs?

With this knowledge, you have crafted your brand identity, and your marketing messaging aligns with your brand identity.

First impressions are important to a successful customer journey

Sales person shaking customer hands

How do you want your audience to feel when interacting with your organization? What do you want your audience to take away from their first interaction with your organization?

Take a hard look at your brand's personality and ask yourself, is that the feeling your team is demonstrating? A brand's voice, tone, and interaction are all factors of a brand's personality. When crafting your voice, look hard at your customer's expectations.

The sales funnel

Hand illustrating the sale funnel steps – leads, prospects, and customers equaling sales

The sales funnel is straightforward: leads, prospects, and customers. As leads become prospects and prospects become customers, through every step and interaction, you want your customers' experiences to emulate your organization's brand identity.

The organization needs to evaluate all

  • communications,

  • touchpoints,

  • departments that interact with the customer along their journey, and

  • channels they will access along the way.

Share your brand standards with all staff

Several team members placing their piece of the puzzle in the center of the table

Each team member and department is critical to the customer's journey. Keeping your team on point when communicating with your customers is vital to living your brand successfully.

Ensuring your team delivers messages in the correct tone with the right passion will make or break your customer experience. Here are some ideas on how to promote your brand standards.

  • Post the standards in accessible places: shortcuts on computers, breakrooms, and employee bulletin boards.

  • Provide paper copies with sign-off employee acknowledgment forms.

  • Celebrate successful customer interactions.

  • Share the results of customer surveys.

  • Post snippets in employee newsletters.

Ongoing training ensures your staff is living your brand: provide opportunities for one-on-one, department, or organization-wide training days. Closely monitor and evaluate the team's interactions and review the brand standards to ensure everything is in sync.

Keep the process simple

Simplicity is success. Keep it simple for your team. Keep it simple for your customers. Providing concise messaging and deliverables is essential for everyone involved. When structuring your offer, it is best to limit your selection. Four options are more manageable for your staff and more straightforward for your customers to select the best product.

The health of your customers' journey

nurse taking a patients pulse

Re-evaluate your branding materials annually. Compare them with customer surveys. Meet with your senior managers and ask for their input. Determine what staff training and educational materials are needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences continually.

Do not skip the annual review. The review will keep your customer's journey on point with your organizational goals, leading to the success of your customer's experience. Many organizational changes occur throughout the year; skipping the annual review exposes potential customer failures.

Do you need help with establishing or polishing your branding? Contact Imagine Business Solutions today to get started.


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